Friday, 23 June 2017

Reading, Reflections, Term 2, Week 8

This week group 5 read sleepy koalas and did the main Ideas about the story in a google doc here is mine.

Sleepy koalas

  1. They sleep for 20 hrs and eat for 4 hrs.
  2. They were nearly extinct because people killed them for meat and fur.
  3. They eat gum leaves
  4. The name “koala”  comes from an Aboriginal word meaning no drink [koalas don't drink]
  5. When they are babies they are the size of a bee.

Thanks for reading :)

description, Reflections, Term 2, Week 8

This week M1 literacy has chosen a family member to describe I have chosen my mum for my description. you can see it just here. 

Can you picture her? 
Bye :-)

Friday, 16 June 2017

Literacy, Reflections, Term 2, Week 7

This week group 5 which is my group has chosen a book called 
here goes. I won't spoil it but you can see my summary here.   


I hope you like it.

Literacy, Reflection, Term 2, Week 7

Last week Miss Reissmann The Mamaku 1 teacher had her birthday so Mamaku 1 decided to do a description about her. here is mine. [ I did this in a different font but blogger didn't let me do it :( ]

Helga Reissmann

There once was a woman called Helga Reissmann. she is 50 years old and has 3 children. Her hair is blonde like a lion's mane. Her eyes are light blue like the sky. she is quite tall and thin. She has a silver bar in her ear with little balls at the end as silver as a star in the night sky. She Wears black jeans with a black long sleeve

t  shirt and a jacket over it. She also has square black glasses and a oval face. Her face colour is about this font colour.

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 2 June 2017

Art, Reflections, Term 2, Week 5

Good morning It's Friday and I have a art post for you. A few weeks ago we ( Mamaku ) have been doing Robert Delaney art here is mine I really hope you like it.

WALT: Use collage to create art in the style of Robert Delaney

Do you like it I think it look like a little person. thanks for reading bye.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Numeracy, Reflection, Term 2, Week 3,

This week I have done my home learning and this is what I did (I used to be on subtraction).

Literacy, Reflection, Term 2, Week 3

Hello and Welcome to week 3 term 2 and here is my diamante poem hope you like it:)

Synonym Diamante Poem

                            Guns                     Weapons
           Killing                    shooting                stabbing
 War                    War                          Death              Death
       Bleeding                    Hurting                  Crying
                       Sad                                 Scared             

Image result for War

Author: Rhys Anderson
Illustrator: Rhys Anderson

This was done in google docs. the picture is describing the poem.