Friday, 1 September 2017

PrEP, Term 3, Week 6

This is my group's plan for PrEP.

that is my prep post.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Literacy, Reflection, Week 5, Term 3

This term we made a document of questions to ask a buddy. My buddy is Stanley. These are my five questions.

Q1: What Was your favourite thing to do this term?

Q2: Have you learned a new sport this term?

Q3: Do you like your new classmates for this year?

Q4: What do you want to do next term?

Q5: Have you Improved on your work since last term.

Can you answer those questions? I'll post my video next week. ;)

Numeracy, Reflection, Week 5, Term 3,

This week for numeracy I have done 'What are Fractions' K&L (know & learned) chart. This is what I knew and what I have learned after learning about fractions.

I don't think I know everything about fractions but I'm just a kid.

Reflections week 1 term 3

This is my 2 lies 1 truth. In this activity you lie about 2 stores and 1 is the truth.   We had to write about one thing we did in the holidays and then 2 made up ones.  Then people had to guess which one was true!
Can you guess the right one?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Reflections Term 3 week 4

Hello It's the end of week 4. I have got the weekly 3. (three blog posts) For my writing this week I have my PrEP letter (below)

Writing WALT: To sell yourself to someone to get a PrEP job.

Mamaku Hub
Grey Main School
Joyce Cresent

11th August 2017

Dear Debbie,

Hello, my name is Rhys, I am a year five, i’m in Mamaku 2 and I want to apply for Secretary because I know what to do as a Secretary like completing Action plans. As a secretary I will do a lot of typing, I’m alright at typing so I think I will do fine.

I will be good for this job because I have experience I know how to do my jobs easily so when I’m finished I can help my group make more products. I can work Independently so I don’t need anyone to help me. For example I am a full licence holder and an ambassador.

What I’m trying to say is I will be a great Secretary for ‘Gadget Gang’ (my group).

Yours sincerely
Rhys Anderson

This week for literacy I have my persuasive letter 
Literacy WALT: To persuade Your buddy to play a game.

141 Shakspeare St,
Greymouth 7805

Friday 4 August, 2017

Dear Matthew,
I am going to talk to you about why you
should play Seaweed.

When the class plays you just talk to Will and your
Friends instead of joining in.  It is fun when you join in,
because then I can play with all my

You can get more fit playing
seaweed so then you can run around in
soccer better. For example if someone ran past you you could run back so they can’t score.

You should play seaweed because you might succeed and win! I hope you use this writing to convince someone else to play.

Numeracy WALT: To find the meanings of Mass, Capacity, Area & Volume
For numeracy I have my numeracy word work

That's all for this week, Bye!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Reading, Reflections, Term 2, Week 8

This week group 5 read sleepy koalas and did the main Ideas about the story in a google doc here is mine.

Sleepy koalas

  1. They sleep for 20 hrs and eat for 4 hrs.
  2. They were nearly extinct because people killed them for meat and fur.
  3. They eat gum leaves
  4. The name “koala”  comes from an Aboriginal word meaning no drink [koalas don't drink]
  5. When they are babies they are the size of a bee.

Thanks for reading :)

description, Reflections, Term 2, Week 8

This week M1 literacy has chosen a family member to describe I have chosen my mum for my description. you can see it just here. 

Can you picture her? 
Bye :-)